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Model 1032 - $325.00

One of Console Vault's newest products, a well designed wall safe which installs easily with a couple hand tools and provides secure storage with fast and easy access.

The key feature of this vault is designing it to blend into the environment. A magnetic cover is provided which can be textured and painted the wall color. This is a simple process to accomplish and offers additional security. If a thief can't find your safe they can't access it. For entry simply peel off the magnetic cover and enter your combination and open the door, some customers will roll one or two of the numbers on the combination lock, one digit off. This allows them to have immediate access and with a little practice can be done in the dark. This vault is perfect to hang a picture over or hinge the frame of a picture with a magnetic tape to keep it closed.

Always give thought where you are going to place your vault; a closet or behind a door normally open are good suggestions. The vault mounts between 16" on center studs and is designed with expansion mounting points to allow for studs that may be slightly over tolerance.

This vault includes two twenty pound magnet hooks to organize your guns, additional hooks available. A felt lined shelf and base are included for additional organizational options. The four digit fully mechanical lock is standard and provides 10,000 possible combinations. Finished with off white commercial grade powder coat for years of service.

We call this the "Covert" wall safe for a very good reason, you can appreciate the the unique concept but there is one really cool, really clever secret. An additional feature that creates a "cloaking" effect to further disguise this as a safe. You will be provided with this accessory with your safe. Our customers tell us this is that this is an entirely new category of secure, immediate access handgun storage.

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