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Chevy Avalanche Truck Safe

Please select your Avalanche console style and model year below:

truck safe
#1002 - Chevy Avalanche
with Center Console 2003 - 2006

 handgun safe
#1006 - Chevy Avalanche
2003 - 2013
with Fold Down Arm Rest Console

gun safe
#1014 - Chevy Avalanche LS
with Under Seat Console
2008 - 2013
hand gun safe
#1019 - Chevy Avalanache
2007 - 2013
with Center Console

Triple Guard Lock System - Enhanced Security for your Avalanche

Console Vault has recently made the best design improvement since the vault was developed, the "Triple Guard Lock System" which incorporates a latch design similar to the pins in bank vault doors which greatly increases overall security.

This design also has a front channel which incorporates the lid into the body of the Console Vault, which eliminates all stress off the physical lock itself. This is the greatest, most secure product Console Vault has ever made.